Covenant is the second chapter in the main plot. This chapter is centered on an unexpected enemy named as Baba Yaga, an old slavic creature that flew to US. This is a three mission chapter, despite the last two are very large. It begins with the investigation of a warlock's circle and ends with a one to one battle against Baba Yaga. The chapter is made up of Covenant, The dancing men and Welcome Baba Yaga missions.

Covenant Edit

Lord Draven received a lot of information about witches, warlocks and necromancers moving around the east coast towards the Howling forest. In order to prove Akantus true value, Draven sends him to investigate the movements of these creatures.

Akantus drives to a small pub know as the Irish bead. There, a group of Warlocks starts a quarrel inside the pub. Akantus defeat them and gains the favor of the irish bartender. The irish men gives some info of the witche's whereabouts. He also ask a minor favor with a friend.

At night, Akantus leaves the bar headed to the gravelands the bartender talked about. He is intercepted by a witch who tries to persuade him to leave the search. He denies to go away, starting a fight with te witch. She barely runs away aided by a pack of ghuls, sent to distract Akantus. He finally reaches the graveland gates.

Inside the cementery, a horde of ghuls and wolves tries to kill Akantus. At the end a Lich shows up as the minor boss of these mission. Akantus get information abaut the aim of the witches movements and kill the Lich.

The dancing men Edit

Akantus heads to a major ballroom dance, where powerful witches will meet. He first visit a old wiccan witch, who help (or is force to) Akantus to dress up as a warlock and cover his vampiric scent. Akkantus goes in incognito inside the hall and tries to find info. He realises that Baba Yaga, a powerful slavic witch, has made is way to the USA. He is discovered by the witch he formerly fought.

In the chase, Akantus is ambushed by another witch. After a brief fight in the swamps, she is defeated but offers help in exchange of her life. The witch reveals the

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