The shapeshifter type is a family of creatures with the particular ability of partially or completly transform their bodies. Most of these creatures resemble a human in one form but an animal in their "true" form.

Lore Edit

Origin Edit

Once humans and vampires were already created, many gods tried to conceive their own childs, made as a resemble of their own. Baphomet particularly tried to create a superior living form, mixing the qualities of both humans and animals. The offspring however, was a bunch of powerful, though irrational creatures who requires human blood to keep alive. Despite the hate and rage that these creatures caused around many gods, the Baphomet joyed on his creation and protect them.

Creatures within this type Edit

Creature Description
Werewolfs Humans who turn into big, thirsty wolves under fullmoon.They command packs of wolves.
Werebulls Humans who turn into big, two legs antropomorphic bull.
Wererats Humans who turn into big antropomorphic rats. They command hordes of rats.
Doppelgangers They are creatures with the ability to simulate other creature's seem and aura, making and almost identical copy. In some cases, they can also reproduce abilities and skills.
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