The undead type is a family of creatures whose spirits have left the earth. These creatures keep roaming by effect of a curse.

Lore Edit

Live and death are not the two faces of a coin, but a fan of gray tones. Undead creatures are somewhere in the mist of this entangling reality.

Creatures within this type Edit

Creature Description
Ghuls Ghuls are commonly called imperfect vampires, due to their origin in vampire bite. They are animated corpses who require to feed on human blood and flesh. Ghuls are primitive predators with high hit points.
Zombies A zombie is the reanimated body and mind of a passed person. Zombies may act as a normal human, but their will is lost and belong to their master. They aren't an easy target: Only fire can end the life a of a zombie.
Mummies Mummies are humans' bodies cursed to roam in earth forever. They're exceptional strong and have many powers that make them a challege. Death and plagues always come with them.
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