Wererats are a shapeshifter type of creature commonly found in sewers or humid and dark places. Despite other shapeshifters (such as werewolves or vampires) wererats are comparatively weak and don't develope a huge ammount of abilites. They live in nests directed by Rat's mother. When another female is born, she is obligated to leave the nest and build her own.


Main statistics and abilities Edit

Wererats base statistics are quite low, except fot the hit points. Typical wererats are found in levels 5-15.

Despite they live in packs, wererats use to attack one by one. They usually attack with bare hands and use their tail to desetabilize. The basic attack consists of a claw-similar attack. The heavy attack uses their whole body to knock the opponent and suffocate him.

Wererats main ability is Command Rat Swarm and less common the Sewer Rats Stampede ability.

Lore Edit

Skins and variatons Edit

Queen Wererat Edit

Qeen wererats are bigger and have higher defense and hitpoints (4 and 40 respectively). They rarely leave the nest and is protected by her offspring.

Named Wererats Edit

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