The witch type is a family of creatures with female spirits. There is a variety of creatures within this class including witches, warlords, fairies etc. They have high sensorial and extrasensorial capacities.

Lore Edit

Witches are the self conceived offspring of various deities (specially godess) related with witchcraft and magic. They devised a physical envelope to contain their female spirits. Witches have a deep connection with nature and were raised to guard it. Thus, these creatures have great nature and metaphysical powers.

Most of them have minor interests about mankind, vampires or other creatures (except demons). Fairies and sorcerers ocassionally take part in order to protect high value resources and places. Other creatures of this type work actively among humanity twisting men's behavior and desires.

Creatures within this type Edit

Creature Description
Witches Witches are female human-like creature with great powers and intense perception. They can use a plenty set of abilities, enchantments and control several type of minor creatures as animals or undeads.
Sorcerer Sorcerer is the male equivalent of witches. Full of power, they are able to perform mighty spells, enchantments and control other creatures.
Warlock Warlocks are mostly male humans who have some deal with a demon or god. They have limited powers given by the superior entity.
Nechromancer Nechromancers are warlocks who have an special deal with a psychopomp, giving them certain control over live and death. They command hordes of ghuls and may summon zombies or other undead creatures.
Lich Nechromancers who have cheated death are named as Lich. They cannot die easily and will endure the years, sikness and harm. Lich are also mightier as other nechromancers.
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